Lucy’s Crown is a band of four friends lead by Lucy Blue. Heavily influenced by 90’s alternative rock, Lucy delivers her stark songs with bruisingly powerful, yet sweetly coarse vocals likened to Courtney Love. With a live show described as “a David Lynch film, Lucy had us eating out of the palm of her hand…”, this is a band that warrants calling your friends and telling them to check it out.

Critics and fans alike ecstatically received their 2010 debut EP release ‘Under Your Skinn’ gaining the band interest from fans locally and internationally.

With a growing fanbase in Japan, Lucy’s Crown head out on an seven show Tokyo Japan tour in November to launch ‘Fall With Me’, the second EP from this band.

Recorded in Melbourne at Birdland Studios, Lucy’s Crown’s second EP ‘Fall With Me’ is a six track offering produced by Lindsay Gravina. The opening grunge-heavy track ‘Lace’ sets the scene for the beautiful and mesmerizing second track ‘Falling Free’. With elements of 60’surf, ‘Wake Me Up’ pulls and pushes you out of a sleep-deprived psychosis into the stunning forth track that is ‘Skinn’. ‘Rock and Roll – Garry Glitter’ inspired rhythms of ’That Way’ with an equally strong piano performance by Lucy leads you into the final lyrically reflective and musically brooding track ‘The Joker’.  This EP is a dazzling display of the luminous song-writing talents of Lucy with the bands signature musical intensity. Releases digitally November 19 2012.

This tour will be the last headline shows from the Melbourne band before they bunker down to start work on their debut album, and will also give Japan fans the chance to hear many new songs road-tested that are earmarked for the debut album for 2013.